Thursday, November 21, 2013

First Day of School...August 26th, 2013

Paisley's first day of 2nd GRADE!
 And boy does she have style!
 Paisley could hardly contain her excitement to start school at Highland Elementary.  She had Mr. Milne but after a few weeks they hired a new teacher, and she was switched to Mrs. Smith.  This is the 3rd year she has had a "first year" teacher.  But I think she likes it, and easily adjusts to whatever she needs to do.  She is super smart, gets 11/10 on almost all of her spelling tests (with the bonus surprise word), loves to read, and loves to be the leader of her little group of friends at recess.  I love that she loves school so much.
 Noah's first day of KINDERGARTEN!!
 He is going to afternoon kindergarten, so he was really anxious while taking pictures, and he just wanted to go.  Rowan really wanted to go with him too!

Oh, I was really, really, really, really emotional to see my sweet boy leave me for school.  He is my little buddy that always plays superhero's by my side at home, and I am really going to miss him.  So glad the kindergarten is half day.  I was not ready for him to be gone so much.  But it makes me so happy to see him learning and growing so much.  He has Mrs. Wilkerson, who is also a "first year" teacher.  Every day he comes home and tells me what the letter of the day was, and what he learned about.  
I have a tradition that I always do with Paisley, where when she leaves for school or anything, I roll down my window, and make the "I love you" sign with my hand.  So on the first day, I did that to him too, and it melted my heart to see him try to stick the right fingers up, then finally give up, and give me the "UTAH U" sign with both hands.  I guess that was easier.  Then he proceeded to turn and run into his class room.  I bawled of course the whole way home!  How did they all grow up so fast?  Every day since, he has given me the "U" sign, and then the "I love you sign" after. (He has gotten better at it now after lots of practice, hehe).  It is our special little goodbye, and I treasure it.

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